Friday, June 14, 2013

Finally Gardening!!

This week I FINALLY started gardening again. My partner in crime returned from studying abroad and we're using her backyard for our vegetable garden shenanigans. Earlier in the week we planted our young plants and today we got all the seeds in. We're starting a little late in the season, but hopefully with a bit of luck and some nice weather we can be harvesting toward the end of the summer.

What we have planted:
-Five Roma tomatoes
-One heirloom "Striped German" tomato
-Two mini-belle peppers
-One banana pepper
-One jalapeno pepper
-Bush beans
-Snow Peas
-Marigolds around the tomato plants

We decided to save space and do our herbs in containers. We have:
-One pot of chives
-Two pots of basil
-One pot of mint

We have super sunny location, so I'm excited to see how things turn out!

The Roma tomatoes are the plants I started from seed, as are the two mini-belle peppers. Three of the Romas are still pretty small and I'm hoping they make it and start growing more soon. I don't think they enjoyed their extended time in too-small pots on my windowsill.

In other news, two of my African violets are blooming gorgeously, and two others are starting to as well. I'm in the process of rooting a lot more cuttings from other African violets (not my original ones with the white/pink center flowers) in hopes of getting some more plants with different flower colors.

More updates to come from the garden once things start progressing. We should see some seed germination in (hopefully) about a week and a half. But right now is the waiting game, so cross your fingers for some strong seedlings and good weather!