Sunday, August 4, 2013

First Harvest!

So I visited the vegetable garden for the first time today since I got back to the Twin Cities and it's HUGE!! The tomatoes have turned into an absolute jungle and had to be strung to their cages because they were trailing everywhere. Still no ripe tomatoes but there's tons of green ones. The zucchini and pumpkin plants have shot up, as has the lone sunflower.

Our jungle of a tomato patch. The huge zucchini and pumpkin plants are behind those.
Victoria with our super tall sunflower.
The most exciting thing however, was our first harvest! We got a bowl of snow peas, a bowl of beans and an absolutely MASSIVE zucchini. We've got two more zucchini's that will be ready soon as well, but the one we picked is a monster. I took it home and made two loaves of chocolate chip zucchini bread with it and I still have most of the zucchini left over. Thankfully my aunt and grandma can put it to use and make some of their own zucchini recipes. 

Our harvest of beans and peas.
Me with the MONSTER zucchini!
About a third of the zucchini made this much bread.
And with that update, only one shift at work stands between me and a few days up in northern Minnesota with my boyfriend and his family. Lakes and cabins are one of my favorite things about summer here. :)