My Popular Posts

An easy, step-by-step tutorial for the easiest propagation project out there that can result in tons of new plants. 


Tangletown Gardens
I go on an adventure to the unique business of Tangletown Gardens, south of downtown Minneapolis, where they combine a garden, garden center and landscape center into one small niche of city block.

A Garden Journal
I show you how to easily make a garden journal where you can keep ideas from magazines, a log of garden data, tips you run across, and other garden related info that might be rattling around in your head.


An Adventure to the Conservatory!
A post full of pictures from my excursion to the Como Zoo where you'll find the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory in St. Paul. They have everything from tropical palms and ferns, to the sunken garden with it's gorgeous rotating garden shows. This post has photos of the 2012 Easter Garden Show. 
An update on ongoing projects of my freshman year plant propagation class and a quick tutorial to make your own rooting garden with just two sizes of pots and vermiculite. 

A tutorial for propagating African violets from leaf cuttings plus a few general tips on caring for you African Violet. 

The first of two posts where I give you a look at what the University of Minnesota campus looks like as the first flowers of spring start to appear.