Sunday, December 29, 2013

It's Been Too Long

Hello all! I've returned from the busy-ness that was my fall semester and I know that, first of all, I must apologize for being gone for so long. I've accomplished a lot in the last couple of months and in my next few posts I hope I can share that with you.
Classes were, overall, very successful. I really enjoyed my Horticultural Marketing class and my Fruit Production class. We went on a lot of field trips for these so I'll be doing posts with the pictures and information from those. Also, in the Fruit Production class, we had a semester long project where we created a system plan for a fruit farm of our own creation. There were some parameters for where the farm was to be located and what we could choose to grow, but otherwise there was a lot of creative leeway with it that I really enjoyed. I'll be doing another post on that project and hopefully I can get it uploaded to the blog so you all can take a look at it.  I also had a Agricultural Biochemistry class and, while not really my cup of tea, was an interesting class in that it applied chemistry to plants more than my general chemistry class of my sophomore year. My last class was an online, general management course and there's not much that's noteworthy about that, so I won't even bother. But I ended the semester with a 3.8 GPA so that's pretty exciting.
Besides classes, I was pretty busy with my third year with the Minnesota Marching Band and pep band. That and work took up almost all of my spare time that I didn't devote to homework so, sadly, blogging fell to the bottom of the list. My marching band also traveled to Houston for the Texas Bowl on the 27th, so even my winter break up until now has been busy. If anyone wants to see our halftime show from the bowl game, here is a link to our video page. Enjoy!
My next few posts will cover some of my field trips for classes, the fruit farm project I completed and a few other things that aren't as garden specific. I'll also do a post about what I've got planned for the coming semester (hopefully more blog posts than this past semester).
Hope you're all still reading and having a wonderful holiday season!

My marching band on the field at Reliant Stadium for the 2013 Texas Bowl.