Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tangletown Gardens

 Today's plant adventure was a trip to Tangletown Gardens, just south of downtown Minneapolis. This place is a unique and fun garden, garden center and landscape center. It has the feel of a garden, but most of the things growing are for sale. Inside the shop they have smaller plants, books, glass jars for terrariums and seeds. Outside, they have trees of all shapes (from normal to downright bizarre), more garden plants, sculptures and water features.

Loved their logo.
 The first thing I saw when I walked in was this planter full of succulents and a cool spiky seashell ball. 

 A redbud tree hiding among the pots.

 I loved the color of the Japanese Maple.


 More succulents! I really want to get some of these this summer. 

 A really cool looking succulent called zebra plants.

 Probably my favorite pansies there. They look like they've been painted on. 

 The plum tree was blooming. 

 "First Blush"


 Royal Star Magnolia

 Elizabeth Magnolia

Black Tulip Magnolia

 Another awesome succulent container.

 Some really cute orchids.

 A really great idea for a hanging window container.

 An absolutely GIANT Jade plant. 

 Terrarium. :)

This little peperomia plant ended up coming home with me. I couldn't resist getting something! 

A fun fact for me is the owners are graduates of the horticulture program at my university. I hope I can be doing something half as cool as they are when I graduate.
I suggest you take a look at their website because there's lots of cool things to look at there as well. 

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  1. What a great place...I can see why you like it and I love the logo too...