Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Language of Flowers

This is my second book post of the week, but while staying at my grandma's for the Easter weekend, I came upon this book on her shelf called "The Language of Flowers" (edited by Shelia Pickles).

It went through a number of common flowers and gave their meanings, why they mean what they do and a poem to go along with each one. I was, of course, intrigued by this little book. Flower symbolism has always interested me and I liked that it gave a history behind each one.
I'm sure each of these flowers has multiple meanings depending on which culture or text you reference, but these are meanings according to this book.

Amaryllis - Pride
Anemone - Forsaken
Bluebell - Constancy
Camellia - Perfected Loveliness
Carnation - Alas for my poor heart

Chrysanthemum - I love
Clematis - Mental Beauty
Columbine - Folly
Cornflower - Delicacy
Crown Imperial - Majesty and Power
Daffodil - Regard and Chivalry
Daisy - Innocence
Dandelion - Oracle
Forget-me-not - True Love
Fox Glove - Insincerity
Gentian - You're unjust
Geranium - Melancholy
Hollyhock - Female Ambition
Honeysuckle - Sweetness of Disposition
Hyacinth - Sorrow
Iris - Message
Ivy - Fidelity
Jasmine - Grace and Elegance
Lavender - Distrust
Lilac - First Emotions of Love
Lily - Purity
Lily of the Valley - Return of Happiness

Marigold - Grief
Narcissus - Egotism
Nasturtium - Patriotism
Orchid - A belle
Pansy - Thoughts
Peony - Shame and Bashfulness
Phlox - Agreement
Poppy - Fantastic Extravagance
Primrose - Early Youth
Rose - Love
    - White Rose - Purity and Spiritual Love
    - Yellow Rose - Decrease of Love and Infidelity
    - Cabbage Rose - Ambassador of Love
    - Musk Rose - Capricious Beauty
    - Single Rose - Simplicity

Speedwell -Female Fidelity
Sunflower - Haughtiness

Tulip - Declaration of Love
Violet - Modesty
Wallflower - Fidelity in Adversity
Water Lily - Purity of Heart

As you can see from the pictures, the art is gorgeous, incorporating many works of art from different artists that depict each flower. If I hadn't been so busy with spending time with my family, I could probably give a more thorough summary of why each flower means what it does, but Easter is always a busy time so I just had to jot down the meanings.


  1. One of my favorite books and subjects...fascinating meanings behind these

  2. I think in earlier times, people used symbolism more than we tend to do today. I like the idea of using flowers as a form of communication. It sounds like a gardener's dream. Great post! I enjoy your blog very much, and so I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award. I am very glad you joined Blotanical. http://www.thesagebutterfly.blogspot.com/2012/04/natural-garden-recipes-for-pest-and.html

    1. Wow, thank you for the nomination and all your support! I'm honored! :)

  3. Dear Abby, I love this book, too. Flowers have a universal language of their own, don't they? P. x