Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What's Blooming on Campus (Part 2!)

Hort Major Update: Went and talked to an adviser from the agricultural college (the college the horticulture major is in) today. At this point, I'm on my way to becoming a horticulture major. ...If I can survive the chemistry and math classes that is. :P

But anyway. On to the flowers!
My Tuesday classes take me to the St. Paul Campus (unofficially the agricultural campus) which has lots more blooming than the main campus near the cities. So I went a bit crazy before class taking pictures of all of them.

 One of the flowering trees. Not quite sure what it is since I was en route to class and didn't stop to take a good enough look. 

Yellow tulips in front of the Student Center!
 The two-color tulips are probably my favorite...

 ...and there was a huge patch of them!

 The yellow tulips are such a nice sight on a gloomy Tuesday like today. 

 More scilla blooming in the woods. :) 

 Found some  puschkinia (what I thought was scilla until a reader pointed out what it really is. And it's related to scilla so no wonder I thought it was) blooming as well in front of one of the classroom buildings.

The color was just so delicate and lovely. I couldn't stop taking pictures.

Back on the main campus, a little church garden near my dorm building has a lot of things blooming. Notably is (if I've identified it properly) this redbud tree.

 I rather like the picture of this pretty flower with the University hospital towers looming in the background. 

 Hyacinths were blooming all over the garden too.


  1. love seeing the follow up...the white flowers with blue stripes are puschkinia....they are one of my fav spring bulbs...

  2. Very pretty! I don't think I know puschkinia, but what a beauty.