Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Resources

I hope everyone's weekend went well!
I haven't been posting much because I've been busy with end of the semester work and the spring music festival my university puts on every year. But checking back in today, I saw that my pageview counter hit 1,000! Thank you everyone for reading!
I've had a few questions about where to find some horticulture and gardening information, so this post will be a list of some sources I've found helpful and interesting.

1. First of all has to be all the blogs listed down the side of this page are excellent sources, covering a wide range of gardening and horticulture topics.

2. The books that my plant propagation class uses are Plant Propagation by Alan Toogood and Botany for Gardeners by Brian Capon. The first book is a great resource that holds care and propagation methods for many different kinds of plants. The second is more of a scientific guide, with information about the biology of plants.

3. The gardening section of the University of Minnesota Extension is a really helpful resource as well. It has topics for home gardening and commercial horticulture, as well as top gardening news and an A-Z plant guide that has facts about many different plants. You can also get help identifying weeds and bugs that might be harming your plants.

4. Like the Minnesota Extension, there are other universities that have great extensions. Two of my favorites are the Cornell Gardening Extension and the University of Illinois Extension.

5. Organic Gardening's site has lots of really good articles, how-to articles and gardening tips. The magazine itself is great as well. My mom has subscribed in the past and I've always enjoyed reading the issues.

6. The National Arboretum has a gardening tips page that has lots of helpful links.

7. This last link is one of my favorites. The Exploratorium presents the Science of Gardening: Art and Science in the Garden. Within three categories, Feed, Control and Bloom, there are links to interactives, articles, videos and photo essays.

Have fun exploring!


  1. I'm living between your home state and your present state. Here on the shores of Lake Michigan gardening is a delight. The lake always makes the place look so good in the photos i post. You might enjoy looking through some past postings to see, and remember your area of birth. You sound like an interesting fellow, aren't all of us Midwesterners interesting! I found your Blog today and enjoyed looking at some of your past postings. Have decided to follow you to see more of your work. Nice. Jack

    1. Thanks for giving my blog a look! :) I'll be back gardening on the shores of Lake Superior since I'll be returning home for summer break, and I definitely agree with you. The great lakes make for stunning scenery. Hopefully I'll be posting about my Michigan adventures during the summer. I'm guessing I'll have much more free time than I do now with classes going on. I'll be sure to stop by your blog as soon as I have some downtime in my schedule.
      Thanks for following me!