Friday, March 30, 2012

My Introductions

So, since this is my first post as a plant blogger, I suppose an introduction is in order.
I'm a college student at the University of Minnesota and I'm considering majoring in horticulture. I'm also an avid reader, lover of music (I sing and play trumpet), love being in the marching band and since I'm an out of state student I consider myself an "honorary Minnesotan".
This blog is where I'll talk about the plants I'm growing, explain some plant propagation techniques, gardening information and just general plant information I learn in classes.

And now for an introduction to what this blog is really about: my plants.
 These are the beauties that have been taking over my windowsill one bit of space at a time. And this isn't including the plants I have in the school's greenhouse. I have, in this picture, four African Violets three spider plants, a pot of Christmas cactus, a hibiscus, a pot of goldfish plants and a spiky succulent plant that I never learned the name of.
I also have a bamboo plant, that isn't shown in this picture.
A couple quick facts about my plants. The hibiscus is a bit special in that I've grafted two more colors onto it besides the original pink. Eventually there will be two branches with peach flowers and one branch with yellow flowers.

Three of the four African Violets are actually leaf cuttings from the fourth (original) plant. The three of them are teeny, tiny baby plants that will, eventually, be as big as the fourth.
I have a lot more plants in the greenhouses that will have to come home at some point. And hopefully in my future blog posts I'll write about the plant propagation techniques and explain how you can do some of it at home. (Wow that sounded like a cheesy sales pitch...)
So I'll have a longer, more informational post soon.
-The College Gardener

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