Monday, May 28, 2012

Houseplants Galore!

Hello everyone! I hope your summers are all lovely so far.
I know I've been terrible at posting but the summer job hunt has kept me pretty busy so far and, sadly, has yielded no results up to this point. So the most I can do with my plants right now is what I've got going on in the three seasons room and sunroom of my house.

Here's the three seasons room. We only renovated it last summer so it's still a little bare, but those ceiling panels make the room nice and warm and the plants love it. 

 This is the back of the three seasons room and the wall of windows lets lots of natural light in.

 My little shelf of plants.

 The philodendron are really doing well.

 I've got my kumquat trees, my hibiscus cuttings and some Easter Lily scales growing in one flat.

 A succulent cutting I took from my grandma's garden.
 And my spider plants are doing great too.

 My Christmas cacti cuttings finally are getting new philocads on them.

 The table I've been using to pot everything up.

Then, inside, I have my African violets that are still growing very well. 

 The houseplants in the sunroom window.

 And the African Violets are doing really well.

I also love looking after my parents houseplants. This big fern, which has since been moved out to the three seasons room, is one of my favorites. 

So sorry to keep putting off my vegetable garden post, but I'll try to get around to it soon! 


  1. Wonderful photos. I especially like the one of the cacti. Is it easy to propogate them via cuttings?

  2. They seem to do pretty well if you propagate them through cuttings. Although, I'm not sure how well it works without a mist-house because I had that at my disposal when I was propagating. If you were going to do this at home, I would suggest rooting them in sand or vermiculite and misting them regularly.