Monday, July 30, 2012

A Garden Tea Party

It was my birthday back on the 12th and what did I do? I threw a garden tea party of course. :)
It turned out to be a beautiful summer day, a bit muggier than I would've liked, but we were lucky to escape the rain. I had four of my good friends over, the fifth not able to make it due to being on vacation at the time.
On the menu:
-Tea (English tea and a really good brand of peach tea I've found)
-Cucumber sandwiches (provided by one of my good friends)
-Mini ham and cheese sandwiches
-White cake cupcakes decorated with roses.

I had a really good time decorating with flowers from the garden. The pinks and yellows really looked nice with the tea cups and lace tablecloth.

Since my mom has a pretty cool collection of tea cups, I got to pick out a few mis-matched, but still pretty, cups to use.

This one is actually mine though...

The cupcakes were really fun to decorate. I made my own frosting and set a little aside that I dyed pink and green with food coloring. Once I'd frosted them all with white, I swirled a little pink in the middle with a little green leaf or two to make the rose.

I also went a bit daisy-crazy and stuck daisies in the vines that my dad has trained to wrap around our side porch.

The party went off without a hitch and we all ate way too many little sandwiches and drank way too much tea. But it was a really fun way to celebrate my birthday. :)

Garden Update (because I haven't for a bit): The beans are growing splendidly, I have so many green tomatoes (with a few starting to turn red) that once they all ripen I'm going to need a good salsa recipe to have use for them all and the peppers are doing very well. 

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