Thursday, May 8, 2014

Almost Summer

I've been pretty quiet lately because I'm coming to the end of my junior year of college and man am I busy! But tomorrow is my last day of normal classes and then I only have finals week to deal with. I have one presentation, a lab report, one take-home final and two normal finals (one in Plant Physiology and one in Organic Farm Management) that stand between me and three months of freedom. 

I'm pretty excited about this summer break. The first week after finals I'll be traveling out to Yellowstone National Park with my boyfriend and his family and then when I come back I'll be starting my job as a Marketing Intern for the University of Minnesota's Student Organic Farm. I'll get to help with farm duties, run a farmers market stand and do all the other things I've yet to learn that happen on a farm. I also will have a 10x12 vegetable plot to myself that I'll be growing tomatoes, peppers, zucchinis, beans and peas in. I had a post a while back about what tomatoes I've got ready to go for the year, and they're all getting a lot bigger on my kitchen windowsill right now.

Of course, I also can't wait to go home to Michigan for parts of the summer as well. I haven't been home since January, which is a bit too long, if you ask me. But otherwise, I'll be spending my time in Minnesota and enjoying all the free time that I don't have during the school year. I also have to think about what's going to happen after college is done because I only have a year left...... My mind is somewhat blown by this. How am I already getting to my last year of undergrad??? Crazy.
I'll be checked out for the next week or so because of finals, but hopefully I'll have some great Yellowstone camping pictures and farm pictures for you within the month!

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