Sunday, May 18, 2014


I'm done with finals! It's finally summer! It's crazy that I only have one more year left of college. This blog has been part of almost the whole journey and I can't wait for what the next year will bring. To start off my summer I'll be hitting the road with my boyfriend and his family to go camping in Yellowstone National Park. We're leaving tomorrow and driving the first twelve hours in one shot and then doing the rest on Tuesday. Then we'll be in Yellowstone until Saturday or Sunday before heading home through South Dakota and catching a bit of sightseeing along the way. I've never been "out west" before (unless you count staying in the city of Pheonix for a week and not going anywhere else) so seeing big mountains and all that will be a pretty new experience for me. I'm excited and I'm ready to just go with whatever happens on the trip. I figure that's the best way to approach camping, especially when it might be cold or rainy. I'm bringing about 5 jackets though so I should be ready for anything. 
I'll hopefully have a post up about the trip right after I get back. I start my internship for our Univerisity Student "Cornercopia" Organic Farm on the 27th so hopefully I'll have lots about that throughout the summer. I also have a 10 x 12 ft plot at the farm that I get to mess around with for the summer so that'll be my personal garden. Our apartment only has blacktop in back so sadly no growing of veggies will be done there.
Hope all of your summers are starting off nicely and weird weather isn't making the beginning of the growing season too difficult!

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