Wednesday, April 2, 2014

England Post #1: Wisley Gardens

Hello everyone!
I've been back from my trip to England for a few weeks already, but I took so many pictures that it took me that long to find time to go through all of them. So this is the first of a long series of photo posts where I'll share most of what I saw while over in England. This trip was for a class titled "Successful School Gardens" and there were several days in which we went into schools to teach children about gardening topics and the importance of horticulture. We did, however, have several free days and a few group outings to famous gardens around London.
This first post is all my pictures from our first destination: Wisley Gardens. We literally got off the plane and got on a bus to go to Wisley and it had to be the best cure for jet lag EVER. The day was warm and sunny and felt just that much better since we had come from below freezing weather to mid-60s weather. Or whatever that is in Celsius...
So enjoy the pictures! I'll have much more for you soon!

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