Friday, March 1, 2013

Being a Plant Wizard

Plant propagation always makes me feel like a wizard. Yesterday I was giving my plants a thorough watering and realized an African Violet I had in one pot was actually three smaller African Violet plants. I'd forgotten I propagated three of them in the same pot in my plant propagation class last year and had let them crowd each other in a tangle of leaves. I took them out, divided them easily, finding their root systems much shallower than I thought, and gave them their own pots. So it really did feel like I'd turned one plant into three and I'm excited to see how their growth takes off now that they have their own space to spread out.
They're happily sitting in their own pots , two on the windowsill (pictured) and one on a bookshelf off to the right (not pictured).


  1. I agree there is such a sense of accomplishment and pride when we create another living thing. Perhaps you could start selling them. Good luck with the studying-especially the chemistry.

    1. Maybe one day when I have the time and the money, I'll start propagating more. I'd love to experiment more with African Violets. I just love how many different variaties there are!
      And thank you for the luck! Chemistry is not my strongest subject, so I'll need it.