Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"Spring" Break in the UP

Even though it's mid-March, it's still winter here in the north, and the UP of Michigan is no exception. In fact, it's probably more winter-y here than it is back in Minneapolis. I'm back here for "Spring" Break...which is more like Winter Break: Take Two. And even though I'm anxious for spring, there's still some beautiful things the season has to offer. Today I took my family's DSLR camera outside and got a few good snapshots of it.

Just another winter day.

My dog Molly running down one of the trails by my house.

Our mailbox that has probably seen more winters than I have.

Running away from the scary snow-blower and my dad.

Our side porch.

One of the chickadees in the vines around the bird feeders.

The goldfinches still have their dull winter feathers.

The berries on the bittersweet vine.