Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Not Quite Spring Break

My hibiscus is wondering if it's summer yet. I was graced with two lovely blooms over the weekend when Minnesota decided to be gray and dreary outside. I think my hibiscus thought the weather was just too gloomy and the inhabitants of my apartment needed some color to brighten things up.
Speaking of flowers, I'm getting impatient for spring so I can find lots of spring flowers to photograph and share with you all like I did last year. I don't have a garden of my own, so I like to think campus is my garden. I don't get to plant anything or take care of the plants, but I definitely get to enjoy the blooms.

I won't be get much of anything besides winter for spring break next week however. I could be headed somewhere warm...but instead, I'll be headed back to the tundra of my hometown in Michigan for the week. We've had lots of snowfall in my absence, I'm told, and it'll be more like winter break than spring break while I'm home. I'm hoping to get some seeds to start indoors while I'm home. Probably just tomato seed and pepper seeds, as I don't ha e much space for anything else. I'll probably have to pick up a fluorescent bulb for my desk lamp to help seeds along too. I don't get any sun in my apartment windows during the day so I'll need the extra boost if I want the seeds to grow well. My future roommate and fellow horticulture major and I are thinking about gardening in her backyard here in the cities this summer. So the tomatoes and peppers will go there if that's the case. Otherwise, I'll grow them in my grandma's backyard and she'll get some fresh veggies out of it. :)

If any of you have suggestions on what varieties of tomatoes and peppers are good to start from seed, I'd love to hear them!

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