Friday, March 29, 2013

Conservatory Trip: Year Two

It's that time of year again! Today I bring you a massive pile of pictures from my trip to the Como Conservatory where they're putting on their spring flower show just in time for Easter. If there's one thing that never fails to make me overwhelmingly excited, it's a trip here.

Of course, the first thing you see when you walk in is the soaring glass ceilings of the palm dome. I love just standing and staring up at it until my neck gets sore. The place also has a fragrance that makes me wish you could bottle up air and keep it for a gloomy day. It just smells like plants and earth and life.

Underneath the dome.

We walked into the sunken garden and found that this year the color scheme was a gorgeous dark red and purple with dark pinks as well. The place was absolutely packed, even though it was almost time for the conservatory to close. There were lots of little kids too, probably off on spring break now. 

The spring flower show in the Sunken Garden.

I loved the dark pink of these tulips.

These lilies were slightly fuzzy!

Adorable crocuses.

The Calla Lily was probably my favorite flower of the whole show.


They never fail in having gorgeous ranunculus blooms.

Gorgeous double-petaled oriental lilies.

I loved the small magnolia trees. They had them in pots surrounded by ranunculus flowers.


Vibrant pink hydrangeas, some of which had light green centers.

I had fun messing around with editing techniques on my foxglove photos.

These orchids had roots that take nutrients from the air, as opposed to soil. So all the spiky things you see above the orchid are it's roots.
Colorful bromeliads.
I'll probably upload all of my pictures on my Google+ account sometime this week, so be on the lookout for that! Otherwise, I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend!


  1. Stunning pictures! Wonderful taste of spring.

    1. Thank you so much! Hopefully outside begins looking just as pretty sometime soon! :)