Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Gone Camping

Hello all!
I'll be out of range for all communication-like technology from Thursday to Sunday while I enjoy a weekend of camping with my family in the gorgeous wilds of the Upper Peninsula. There's no cell service and very little wifi to be found, so there will be no blogging, Twitter or Pinterest for me and I'm looking forward to disconnecting for a few days and enjoying the great outdoors. More specifically, I'm incredibly excited to spend some time hiking and birding while I'm up there. I've got some species I'm hoping to check off my life list. I'll be back in my hometown after Sunday for a week, so I might throw up a post or two about my parent's gardens while I'm there. But this is essentially my vacation from my summer vacation, with no farm work and no alarm clocks, and I'm so so excited to be home for the first full week since January, so forgive me if I mentally check out for a while. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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