Monday, July 14, 2014

Wild Weather!

In true Minnesota fashion, the weather has taken a turn for the weird this week. Over the weekend we felt some cool breezes, but nothing compared to today when the highest temperatures we got were in the mid-60s! Is this July? Can someone check the calendar for me because I'm confused. I wasn't complaining when I was out at the farm today, however, because man was it nice to work in cooler weather. Then around 4pm the rain started up and came on again and off again all evening. This patchy rain became the most AMAZING sight on our way home from dinner this evening. A massive rainbow that, at one point, looked as if it ended directly downtown Minneapolis. I always said this city was magical. :)

It looks like something similar to this winters infamous "polar vortex" is causing this craziness. A big low pressure bubble has made it's way down from up north and we could be seeing estimated low temperatures in the 40s (what???) on Wednesday. Crossing my fingers that it'll warm up before our planned trip to the cabin at the lake this weekend!

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